Pre-IPO Private placement offer

Conax group is raising SEK 15 million in pre-IPO funding with a pre-money valuation of SEK 116 million. The pre-IPO is guaranteed up to SEK 10 million by Johan Lund (CEO of Front Ventures AB) and Sven Hattenhauer (chairman of Conax Group AB).

During end of 2021, Conax is planning to list on the Nasdaq OMX First North Stockholm. The IPO is planned at SEK 25 million with a anticipated pre-money valuation of SEK 350 million.

The investment offer closes 30 December 2020.


Investor presentation

Please download and read our Investor presentation.

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Investment Summary

  • Total number of Units: 1,000
  • Share per Unit: 10,000
  • Price per Unit, SEK: 15,000
  • Proposed maximum aggregate offering price, SEK: 15,000,000
  • Total number of shares: 10,000,000
  • Dilution at full issue: 11.43%

Use of Proceeds

Conax shall use the SEK 15 million to:

  • Finalize phase 1 coding during Q1 2021
  • Putting the solutions in phase 1 to the market, with expected revenues starting first half of 2021
  • Establishing a customer focused organization with sales- and support teams
  • Initialize the development of phase 2 which shall secure our future, long-term revenues