New game-changing technology will alter the rules for development and disrupt global markets in our experience of development. Conax has developed patented solutions that give our clients a unique chance to participate in the global transformation in the space of Automobile, Electronic, Fintech, Cloud and Mobility.

With our solutions, millions of people in the Mobile-First Generation will access fast, secure technologies for today’s market.

Forward thinking.

Available now.

In mobility, Experience-enabling, intelligent technologies.

Our future-focused technologies are redefining how  drivers experience mobility.  Simply put, we deliver trust – faster.


Advanced network architecture.

Connected mobility.

The car is going through a digital transformation. Our electrification, connectivity and software innovations are enabling tomorrow’s advanced driving solutions today. We deliver scalable power management, electronics, software and connected services solutions with the latest cybersecurity.

In Embedded finance. Conax supplies a full tech portfolio of security-based tools for building and running open banking financial services.

Advanced blockchain technology combined with machine learning (based on several patents) enables infrastructure for banking and financial services with trust, security and blazing performance.


Our clients use our tools to build first class solutions, like full capacity neobanks with secured transactions, that provide real value to their customers.

Conax’s next-generation tools can give millions of people access to advanced services way faster than conventional banks can provide. Our technology is more than a small step for the financial market – it’s a leap into the future.


Conax’s technology portfolio reduces cost, risk and pain in developing blockchain based banking- and financial services. We enable our clients to reach new markets, giving their customer the ability to enjoy new groundbreaking solutions.

Take part in a larger community

Enjoy the benefits of our Multi Tenancy system that brings you the power of transactions between hundreds of millions of users.

Shorter time to market, access to new customers

Develop faster, at lower cost. Get the ability to provide banking services to people in new markets, previously unreachable. Gain lower cost of risk and improved predictions of customers future behavior.

Conax create the fastest and most secure advanced display key to the market in China and Sweden, with full embedded solutions.

Increased customer loyalty & revenue

Increased revenue from existing customers thanks to our ads- & loyalty tools. Activate the use of mobile wallets and acquire customer by offering useful financial services that fit their lifestyles.

Drive prosperity & economic growth

Power a new generation of financial customers with modern banking services. Unlock the value of their digital footprints with real financial choice and inclusion.


Our technology layers

We use advanced  technology combined with machine learning and have filed several patents to deliver a financial services infrastructure with trust, security and blazing performance.

Highspeed, secure and safe development

Our own patented blockchain technology (MTDPoS). The result is extremely fast block times below 300 ms. It is our global ledger for settlements and payments in Financial Systems. It provides full trust – faster than anything else.

Efficient back-office platform

You have a couple of millions of Customers? Then our CCC platform is the right tool for you. It is designed for onboarding and maintaining dialog with huge communities. Includes social cloud for reaching out and full billing capabilities.

Advanced data engine

We use machine learning to analyse big data, like all transactions on our blockchain. It will help you analyse your offers, displaying the ads with the right message at the optimal occasion, or assess credit score for a loan. Our data engine will improve your business.

All layers work together to create ultralean banking technology that helps your company deliver financial services at a fraction of typical banking costs.

Loans, loyalty or card transactions. All our tools store transactions on our highspeed blockchain. Settlement and clearing is done instantly delivering trust faster. We use AI-based technology to assess credit risks or display AI-driven ads. Our clients build neobanks, deploy loans and build loyalty programmes, helping their customers to grow and prospers with an easier lifestyle.


Technical features


We agonize over the right abstractions so your teams don’t need to stitch together systems or spend months integrating finance and banking functionality. Prototype, build and scale your financial use-case using our unique open banking and super smooth APIs.


Contact-less card transactions exposes you for fraud in several ways. Our Secure zone layer (pat.pend) provides fraud free contact-less transactions. It forces the use of pin code when the card gets separated from your smartphone..

CCC platform

Full onboarding capabilities for millions of users. Gives you KYC/AML and simplified onboarding through SDD. Maintain dialog with millions of users through built-in CCC Social Cloud. Prepare billing statement based on CCC data.


Our automobile development is possible the fastest to the market, but the same time the most advanced.

Intellectual property

Conax hold three different patents covering important solutions for IoT location, Secured Zone based transactions and branched stemmed blockchains allowing high-speed, high-capacity transactions.

Secured Zone

The mobile user can define her smartphone as a Secured Zone, decide update frequency and the Zone’s perimeter. At a contactless payment, we check if the payment happens within or outside the Secured Zone. If outside, the cards PIN code is required to the approve the transaction.

The Patent effectively stops the escalating problem with contactless payment fraud, the position and condition of the transaction is stored on the Conax blockchain.

Patent pending, filed in December 2019 –

Stemmed blockchain operations

This Patent allows us to combine several private and/or public blockchains into one public master blockchain (multi-tenancy), everything based on the Conax protocol that uses a pure proof of stake blockchain.

This enables us to create blocks at very high speed in several private blockchains, where thereafter all are combined in one public master blockchain.

Patent pending, filed in October 2019 –

Device location method

The Patent can be applied in all kinds of mobile, RF or IoT devices in different environments, where devices and their status can be monitored over air to a diagnostic system.

A Car can have a heat Sensor or any other kind of Sensor, even connected to OBD2. The Sensor sends its location and status to a diagnostic system or to a call center. Today, the Patent is used by numerous car manufacturers.

Patent granted 2016, filed in 2011 –